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Tips for Selecting a Cybersecurity Partner5

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Knowledge

One of the Tips for selecting a right Cybersecurity Partner is to Ensure that the provider has a holistic view of security to avoid vendor “box-pushers” that would force investment in technology that doesn’t address specific business risks. It is good to find a firm with good reputable reference and business modeling skills; this could be gauged in simulating a part of a problem the organization is facing to gauge application and approach. This contextually ensures that the partner deals with real business risks for the organization. This will help the organization achieve a 360-degree view of their attack surface and risk profile.

Business-Appropriate Tools and Methods

Cyber threats are constantly evolving as technology advances. Hackers and bad actors are becoming more intelligent and resourceful, necessitating the development of new technologies and security precautions. A cybersecurity partner should be tooled right to ensure they can assist combat and emulate such adversarial tactics, techniques and procedures to put it into the context of the organization.

4 Tips for selecting the Right Cybersecurity Partner


Prioritize Performance

Regardless of the service you choose, your reputation is at stake during a targeted attack. How can you thus predict the actual outcomes that will determine your company’s success? Don’t be swayed by marketing; independent testing will provide an unbiased ranking of the year’s most effective cybersecurity companies.

The truth is that a single independent assessment does not reveal enough to holistically deal with cybersecurity issues. It is prudent to see successful performance references from providers and narrow down to similar industry where applicable. This also indicates whether a company avoids independent testing to conceal flaws. The best service providers have agreed to be evaluated.

Avoid the One-Trick Pony

Start-ups may call it “specialization,” but limiting how you counterattack attacks is simply risky. Look for a vendor who offers more than just anti-malware protection. Cybercriminals attack enterprises in a variety of ways, including ransomware, phishing, and advanced persistent threats (APTs). Customers want security that can be tailored to their physical, mobile, and virtual environments.

The best cybersecurity service will save you time and effort in the long run. A single vendor’s complex solution is easier to manage than a patchwork of options. Furthermore, if the internal technologies are compatible, future integration issues will be avoided.

Obtain Top Technical Buy-in

Technology issues are unavoidable. When an emergency arises that necessitates immediate assistance, you need a security service that has your back. You risk cyberattacks, financial losses, and Reputational damage if they react slowly or lack technical or interpersonal skills.

Having local support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Carry out some research to learn more about their products and reputation. Have they received industry recognition?

Examine Channel Focus

The competition among cybersecurity MSPs is fierce, and the industry is becoming increasingly crowded. According to Allied Marketing Services, the managed security services industry will be worth more than $29.9 billion by 2023. You won’t have to compete with your service provider if you choose a cybersecurity firm focused on channel-driven sales.

Focusing on the channel encourages a supplier to provide you with the information, skills, and resources you need to sell; your success helps them. You are also more likely to profit from financial incentives and other products designed to make selling easier and more profitable.

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