Our new Chief Information and Technology Officer!

We are pleased to announce our new Chief Information & Technology Officer, Munir Njiru. Munir brings 12 years of experience in Cyber Security specializing in governance, risk and controls. He is well-versed in numerous areas including but not limited to Penetration Testing, Exploit Development, Malware Analysis and Security Auditing. With his strong background in project management and customer relations, he was drawn to our service and expertise, and he is eager to further propagate cybersecurity hygiene practices that ensure protection from breach or abuse as Magilatech’s journey towards zero trust architectures.

Also known as ‘Alien-within’- his alias was inspired by the complexity and lack of understanding of the IT & Cybersecurity field. At the time he joined the field, most people did not understand nor want to deal with it. “The name thus comes from taking this alienated concept and making it human consumable through services and demystification hence living with the alien-within”, says Munir.

We’re excited as well! From the beginning, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing an exceptional service for our customers, and that begins with an exceptional team.
We’re looking forward to this new chapter of our story and can’t wait to see what this opportunity will bring to our team.

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Tuba Rahman

VP-Business Development Tuba is a multi-disciplinary Engineer, cybersecurity growth strategist and a humanitarian force of nature. She identifies as a global citizen and is an avid promoter of women’s leadership in the world of cybersecurity. Tuba has a real talent for delivering complex infrastructure deployments and loves to get global cybersecurity certifications in her spare time.