Vulnerability Management

In today’s technologically driven world, companies across all sectors are confronted with a constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats. Given the increase in nation-state attacks, it is no longer a matter of if, but when a business will suffer a cyber attack. Cyber security must be viewed as a business risk, not just a technical or IT problem. Recent cyber attacks have been shown that serious impact to business operations and financial performance is on the rise.

How Magilatech can help:

The Magilatech technology team have developed technologies, processes, tools and techniques to better help our clients overcome and manage critical cybersecurity threats and risks.

  • Prepare you for potential breaches
  • Identify gaps in your security posture
  • Define containment strategies/playbooks
  • Assist with remediation of the incident
  • Manage system recovery
  • Work with your team to learn from the breach and update playbooks