Comprehensive Security Threat Assessments

Our security threat assessment includes conducting comprehensive internal, external and web application penetration testing assessment of your network and applications. This type of testing is done to understand how susceptible your infrastructure components are to unauthorized access from malicious outsiders and insiders and to help establish the effectiveness of your threat and vulnerabilitiy management program.

A security threat assessment is an attack simulation of a cyber attack against your IT and OT environment with the aim of checking for vulnerabilities that are exploitable in order to remediate them before they are leveraged by actual threat actors. We pride on deep dive assessments that not only cover syntactical flaws in systems and people but logical ones as well that are harder to find.

There are a number of reasons organizations perform comprehensive security threat assessment:

  •  Compliance
  •  Project Assurance
  •  Develop efficient security measures
  •  Preserve reputation/image and customer loyalty
  •  Uncover hidden system vulnerabilities
  •  Save on remediation costs
  •  Get assurance that an organization is operating within acceptable limit of information security risks

Vulnerability assessments are part of a security threat assessment but not a substitute. We go above and beyond with our comprehensive vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. A security threat assessment is not a simple tick-the-box approach for security requirements, but rather supports in mitigating identified risks to an acceptable level and improves the organization’s information security posture.