Revenue Collection Information Systems (RCIS)

Overview :

Magilatech, developed a robust Local Government Revenue Collection and Information System (LGRCIS) for LGAs in Tanzania and Kinshasa Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) which shifted LGAs from manually controlled revenue collection to electronically controlled thus significantly increasing the amount of revenue collected.

Revenue Collection Information System Functions

  • Parking revenue collection
    Local Government Authorities (LGAs) in Kinshasa Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) use handheld revenue collection point-of-sale (POS) machines which are fully integrated with PRCIS system to collect parking fees for the city of Kinshasa. The POS machines are used for receipt issuing upon receiving payment
  •  Billboard Tax & Miscellaneous Fees Collection
    This function allows various government institutions to manage their information related to all payments, that is to support the invoicing, billing, and account reconciliation for all revenue sources.
  •  Taxpayer Database
    The system facilitates the collection of taxpayers base data through web application (computers), and mobile app (POS Terminals) therefore resulting in accurate and reliable information for revenue collections. PRCIS also has a Geographic Information System (GIS) module which is fully integrated for digitization/geo-referencing of taxpayers. The GIS module enables identification of key areas for revenue collection, as well as making follow-up on tax defaulters.
  •  Payment Integration
    Magilatech designed and developed the Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG) linked to banks and MNOs for payment processing and reconciliations. PRCIS is linked to GePG for payments processing and other financial services for online payments.