Managed SOC

Managed security services are outsourced security services offered with the aim of ensuring an organization has efficiency in its operations where they don’t have the resources and capability to fully run them in-house. We understand that your business information is critical to the operation and success of your organization. Important as it is, information security may not be your area of expertise but for Magilatech it is the core of our business. 


We are a premier provider of holistic information security management. Our managed security offerings ensure that your information and information systems are protected from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. Magilatech provides customers with highly skilled technology professionals to serve as subject matter experts for both short and long-term projects. Our consultants offer technical, certified expertise across all stages of service delivery and can help you maximize your technological spend as temporary staff or as backfill when you need to augment your team. Our professional services are aimed at strengthening an organization’s people, processes & technology. These services may be offered in individuality or phased out based on the need’s assessment of the organization. The main benefit of services in this section include the ability to faster detect, prevent or mitigate risks which in turn leads to faster response to incidents as well as knowing and mitigating possibilities of these breaches happening within these organizations. Some common offerings in this space includes:

    • Incident detection and response
    • Managed SOC –Managing anti-virus, managing SIEMs, NDRs, EDRs etc locally from SOC in Dubai and various locations in East Africa.
    • Patch and Vulnerability Management
    • Cyber Readiness Training
    • Remediating supply-chain attacks


Our Incident Response Services


  •  Understanding your current state and business requirements
  •  Conducting full-fledged vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, red teaming and cyber security assessments


  •  Studying your network and systems architecture
  •  Leveraging threat intelligence to develop a deep understanding of who might be attacking you, why, and most importantly


Making sense of daily network traffic and system log files for any indicators of cyber breach including compromised accounts, servers, systems and email inboxes within the organization


  •  Investigating a cyber incident, managing activities, performing computer/network forensics and malware analysis, planning containment, eradication and recovery activities
  •  Providing data recovery services