Mag Track

Overview :

This is a system that allows for live GPS tracking giving real time insight into your fleet.

Features :

  •  Track your fleet in real time- MagTrack’s web-based software gives you a bird’s eye view of all your fleet in one place. No apps to download and install: simply access your fleet portal on your desktop or mobile devices.
  •  Dashboard- dashboard allows you to manage your fleet at a glance. Group assets by location, asset type, or other custom criteria. Quickly find and sort by operational status, Idle, parked, or in motion. Know where your car is, how it’s moving, and where it’s headed.
  •  Real time reporting – Real-time reporting puts you in the driver’s seat. An alert can be set if the vehicle has been idle for too long. Trips and mileage reports can be downloaded as .csv or Excel files.
  •  Monitor Geolocation – Use GPS to track maintenance and operational performance before problems occur. Know your fuel levels and compare mileage. You can set the monitor to track geolocation entry and exit, low battery alerts, speed alerts, disconnection alerts, and more.