Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Overview :

In today’s technologically driven world, companies across all sectors are confronted with a constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats. Given the increase in nation-state attacks, it is no longer a matter of if, but when a business will suffer a cyber attack. Cyber security must be viewed as a business risk, not just a technical or IT problem. Recent Cyber attacks have been shown that serious impact to business operations and financial performance is now the norm.

How Magilatech can help:

The Magilatech technology team have developed technologies, processes, tools and techniques to better help our clients overcome and manage critical cybersecurity threats and risks.
  •  Prepare you for potential breaches
  •  Identify gaps in your security posture
  •  Define containment strategies/playbooks
  •  Assist with remediation of the incident
  •  Manage system recovery
  •  Work with your team to learn from the breach and update playbooks

Our Incident Response Services

  •  Understanding your current state and business requirements
  •  Conducting full-fledged vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, red teaming and cyber security assessments
  •  Studying your network and systems architecture
  •  Leveraging threat intelligence to develop a deep understanding of who might be attacking you, why, and most importantly
  •  Making sense of daily network traffic and system log files for any indicators of cyber breach including compromised accounts, servers, systems and email inboxes within the organization
  •  Investigating a cyber incident, managing activities, performing computer/network forensics and malware analysis, planning containment, eradication and recovery activities
  •  Providing data recovery services