Brand & Identity Protection

Our dark web analysis includes conducting comprehensive indexing and searching extensively for key data points that would contain information related to organizations. This helps organizations potentially pre-empt breaches before they happen and also to understand if threat actors have interest in an organization to prepare and prevent attacks. It also provides the capability to know if a breach has happened or is likely to happen in an organization and if data is being leaked in the dark web.

Magilatech is a threat intelligence-oriented organization that seeks to ensure that it stays abreast of happenings in the deepest part of the web by constantly checking/analyzing for hacker chatter to prevent potential breaches.

The main activities involved in this include:

  • Data leaks/dumps
  • Potential threats.
  • Third-party breaches.
  • Brand misuse.
  • Monitoring of hacking forums and criminal chatrooms.
  • Identifying Company/Staff Impersonations (covering all social media platforms, blogs, forums, websites etc.)
  • Domain Spoofing.