Magilatech Accounting Package (MAP)-POS

Overview :

From sales and purchases to cash flow, VAT, EFD and reporting, MAP-POS has features that support every step of your business processes.

The platform delivers the following features.

  •  Sales management- Manage your quotes easily and accelerate your sales process. Quotation, orders, invoicing, appointment, and sales management can sometimes be boring or complex. With MAP-POS you will reduce all sales obstacles, you can automatically generate delivery notes and invoices from purchase orders and launch production orders and purchase orders with a few clicks.
  •  Purchases management- MAP-POS lets you automatize your purchasing processes, centralize supplier and product information, and accurately follow the status of your orders.
  •  Financial management- The accounting application automatically generates accounting entries from preconfigured accounting documents and templates and allows you to record various transactions in an assisted manner.
  •  Integrated reporting- Generated reports give you a quick look into how much you’re selling and earning. With clear reports, you can sell more and make better business decisions.
  •  Payment system integration- The system also integrates with local payment systems, TIGOPESA, AIRTEL MONEY, MPESA and accepts cash payments.
  •  Users’ management- This allows you to manage and control user accounts and their access level within the system.
  •  MAP-POS is flexible and allows customization as per client requirements.